Where am I,where are you?

To some extent, we are all lost, some of us care and search for direction, and the rest of us wander with no desire to be found


Loss invites demons within skull meat

Absence leaves more than it takes,
Holes the size of volcanoes
The Nothing weighs more than moons
Gravity exists inside innocence

Brave the floating colors
Destroy binding laws
Rainbow suicide decides fate
Institute of Hell

Wish the stars to fall
Pray through spiderweb’s
Caught dangling in youths bliss
Absent body lurks

Black fly blanket
Weighs my shoulders down
Pinned to truth
Beardless fear ignites the museum

Deaths serpent down my throat
Choking on my own acid
Bile rebukes life
Ultimate sin rejects death

Deathless Deathless Deathless
The life for me
Free from earth’s long ritual
I believe in the god of me

Within disbelief comes feedom


I see evil in all areas of my life, it reeks of broken everything. Clouds settle above me and taunt my existence. Glaring down on me through thick melancholy fog.  I feel nothing. I run my fingers through damp slick hair.  I could run, I have the strength but I’m not afraid; I don’t bother I don’t believe in anything. Nothing can’t hurt me.

Allah, Jehovah, and Zeus slaughtered


*first edit

Gods are dead
Ripped from heavenly thrones
Sensitive blades severed heads

Empty skies
Prayers full of lead fall to earth
Nothing to worship

Decaying spirits rot
Spread apathy
All is lost

Bloated consciousness
Longing exists no more
Humanity’s artery slice open

Binary blood pours out
Information coagulation
Hatred feeds off ignorance

Allah, Jehovah, and Zeus
Relevant no more
Wireless motifs breed soulless waste

Allah, Jehovah, and Zeus
Murdered, no justice, no press
A whisper never uttered

Death reigns
Coma soaked civilization
Technology, Politics, and Money

Bow before the new Holy trinity

A Prescription Apocalypse


Bless the people
The individual minds
Permeating walls of “ophy”
Slick wills move underneath
and through barriers
Media minds forged together
Invent mysteries
Create gods to worship
Societies waking consciousness
Twisting wires
Around and around
Tighten strangle or break
Beneath the skin of perversion
Maggots nurse off dead cells
The cure that’s feared
Mouths full conversations null
Dining car delight
All revealed in the end
But the end never comes
Nethier does nuclear neutered
Enlightened brains –
Phillip Morris diety
Castrating all of us
A society of mindless murky minded
Numb skin covered death

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